PrachaR Integrated Communications and Public Relations Agency
PrachaR Integrated Communications and Public Relations Agency

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Welcome to PrachaR Integrated Communications and Public Relations Agency

Welcome to PrachaR! Today’s business leaders face a huge challenge in maintaining consistent and effective communication with stakeholders. The increasingly competitive business environment coupled with the exponential growth in the communications channels adds to the complexity. We at PrachaR, through our knowledge and expertise in integrated communications and public relations backed up with our full suite of products and services help our clients address the challenges associated with strategic coordination of messages, both internally and externally, to create dialogue between the customer and the organization.

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PrachaR Integrated Communications and Public Relations Agency

Customer focus: We have a unique approach in meeting our customer’s communications needs. Whether it is the account management, or the way we execute campaigns the aim is to always provide the customer with unrivalled value for money.

Integrated approach: PrachaR offers you all the services that would be required to address your communications needs - be it internal or external communications. Our external communication services are delivered in a tightly integrated manner that ensures that the customer & stakeholder focus is maintained throughout all such communication. Our internal communications services ensure that today's business leaders are provided with the means to address issues like consistent and effective employee communication - this is critical in today’s environment where more and more companies are beginning to realise that their most valuable assets are their employees and their ability to be able to deliver value to their customers hinges on having a motivated & well informed employee base.

Our comprehensive bouquet of services includes public relations, designing, corporate event management and online communications, amongst others.